Dialogue Needed

Awaiting Book 2


Book One Saves - I've chosen these options for now, but may have to make more saves based on Save 2, depending on how relevant choices change the outcome in future Books. I imagine the consequences will only become more complicated as time goes on, where combined choices result in different consequences, rather than my process for Book one which assumes that one choice = one consequence.



Dream: "Scare Her", "Lost", "Afraid", "What", "Consequence", "Acceptance", "The Path That Once Was"

Kian: Answer all Murron's questions, "Sword", Promise Arn, Kill Arn, Kill Murron, Kill Balsay

Therapy: "No idea", "Yes", "Some things", Flirt with Roman, Get involved (Nela), Sausaquences

The Hand That Feeds: "Change subject", "Clampdown", Plan date for Ada and Sully, "Sofia"

The Campaign: "Check it", "Yes", "Konstantin"

Queenie: "Unsure", "Believe", "No sell", "Remember", "Name"

The Campaign: Eavesdrop (Nela), Don't interfere (Mr. London)

At Home: Reza leaves



Dream: "Reassure Her", "Home", "Powerless", "Why", "Choice", "Reluctance", "The Path That Might Be"

Kian: Silence, "Hang", Don't Promise Arn (but allow the option), Don't kill Arn, Threaten Murron, Don't kill Murron, Don't kill Balsay

Therapy: "Daft Question", "No", "Nothing", Don't flirt with Roman, Don't get involved (Nela), Cheese soup

The Hand That Feeds: "Talk about it", "Move on"

The Campaign: "Fake it", "No"

Queenie: "Contributing", "Forgetting", "Hanna"

The Campaign: Don't eavesdrop (Nela), Interfere (Mr. London)

At Home: Reza stays



Save 1 +

Queenie: "Free time", "Alternatives", "Change Subject", "Reconciling"



Save 1 +

Queenie: "Contributing", "Meaning"



Save 1 +

Queenie: "Contributing", "Belonging"



Save 1 +

Dream: "Who" (The Vagabond)